We believe that it takes a village to raise a reader, that’s why we’re working in partnership with local schools on a program to build up resources. We’re dedicated to connecting books with readers of all ages, this includes servicing Schools and Libraries. 


We understand that for teachers and librarians finding time to track down books can be difficult. So whether you drop into the store, with, or without an appointment, or contact us via email, we’ll endeavour to make it as straightforward for you as possible.


We offer a 10% discount to schools with an account with us.


Michael Earp has over seventeen years of experience as a children’s book specialist having worked in both bookselling and publishing. He has a Masters in Childrens and Young Adult Literature and a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education. He is more than happy to share all his knowledge with you in order to best help you source the books you need. 


You can contact him with any queries or requests at michael@littlebookroom.com.au


Some of the things we can offer:



Working in partnership with local schools, friends and family name drop your school when they shop with us. For registered accounts, 15% of the value of every recorded purchase made at The Little Bookroom will be donated back to your school in the form of a gift voucher. 


It’s an easy-to-use loyalty program that benefits the whole school community.


For more information about our Community Reading Rewards program, or to set up an account, please email us at michael@littlebookroom.com.au 



Once a term we host an information night for Teachers and Librarians. We invite a guest speaker to give us insight into their particular field of publishing or teaching expertise, or an author to tell us about their latest book and how it could be used in the classroom. This is followed by Michael catching us up on all the latest releases and highlights for the library.


If you would like to be kept up to date with when each Book Chat is scheduled, please email Michael expressing an interest.


If you’re hoping to track down specific titles or topics, a quick email to Michael and he’ll source them for you. 


Working with Berry Street Schools, we have created a library starter pack. Designed with schools who need a new library, or an overhaul, especially for high schools with low reading levels or engagement.


This pack combines the most popular books and the best quality literature across junior, middle and young adult fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction. To a certain degree, it can be tailored for specific needs such as ‘primary school only’.


The list changes to according to availability and we endeavour to have as comprehensive and up to date a range as possible. The price includes the 10% school’s discount and freight charges.


"Schools that are looking to boost love of reading must check out this highly cultivated book list. Why? First, The Little Bookroom has included every series that kids are drooling over right now. Nothing hooks kids into books faster than a series and the newest series are all right here. This list also balances many different genres intentionally including nonfiction titles on a range of topics. I also love how this list is culturally responsive with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protagonists and authors throughout. Finally, this booklist intentionally includes texts for all reading levels. If you are a school leader looking to update your library with the best titles for Australian kids, then this is the list for you."

- Maddie Witter, author of Reading Without Limits: Teaching strategies to build independent reading for life and co-author of the Berry Street Education Model


To order it through our website, CLICK HERE



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